The Waverly Improvement Association (WIA)

The Waverly Improvement Association is the community organization for the part of Waverly Village which is north of East 33rd Street and south of 39th Street. The eastern border is Ellerslie, and the border on the west is Greenmount Avenue and is a registered 501-(c)-(3) non-profit organization.

The WIA has a board and officers which are elected to represent the community. Our monthly Board meetings usually occur on the first Tuesday of the month with the exception of months that have our quarterly meetings, then the Board meetings occur on the second Tuesday of the month. Our quarterly general meetings are held the first Tuesdays of  March, June, September, and December at the Waverly Elementary/Middle School.

Better Waverly is south of 33rd and has a separate community organization; although we do communicate and co-ordinate on many issues. We are both part of the Greater Waverly Village.

The local business district has its own association called Waverly Main Street.