The WIA’s April Board meeting occurred on April 3, 2018, 6:30 PM until 8:50 PM at the Baltimore Community Mediation Center located on Greenmount Avenue.

At this meeting, a permanent Treasurer was selected, Eric Oberlechner and a Webmaster, Sarah Magida, was chosen to assist Nat Mysenberg and Kun Sun Sweeley with the website.

A guest from Baltimore Housing came to the meeting to talk about a residential property on Old York Road that caught on fire and is now vacant stating this will be acquired by the City of Baltimre to be a part of the Vacant 2 Values program.

Three guests from the Baltimore Good Neighbors Coalition came to the meeting to talk about their group and how their group can help the Waverly Improvement Association, they specifically were at the meeting with regards to the Stadium Lounge in which the BGNC submitted a letter to the Baltimore City Board of Liquor License Commissioners on March 28, 2018 requesting them to initiate a protest of license renewal for the Stadium Lounge and requested that WIA submit a letter of support. The WIA Board did vote to approve a drafted letter that was submitted to the Liquor Board on the night of April 3, 2018 that voiced our full support of BGNC’s efforts to have the Liquor Board initiate a protest of license renewal for the Stadium Lounge due to two violations of the Memorandum of Understanding that was attached to the license as a restriction, the two violations were sales of alcohol to a minor that occurred in January 2018 and it was determined at the Liquor Board hearing involving this violation that there was no alcohol management certified employee on duty at the time of the violation which is also a violation of the MoU.

With regards to the Johns Hopkins University’s proposal to start a private police force, it was decided that in-depth discussion regarding this proposal among the WIA Board would be tabled until at least the Summer/Fall months since the proposed Maryland General Assembly bill that would allow JHU to start a police force was withdrawn due to widespread opposition. However we did decide that we would like the community relations person from JHU to come to a Waverly Community meeting to explain the reasoning behind JHU’s request and to answer questions from community members.

With regards to the Baltimore Green Network Vision Plan from Baltimore City, it was decided to table the discussion until the May 2018 Board meeting due to not having a representative from Baltimore City present to explain details and how this would affect East 33rd Street as there is a project that is part of this Vision Plan that will involve East 33rd Street.

The Waverly Tavern was also discussed at this meeting however it was part of a closed Board session due to WIA’s legal representation being present and she requested to have client-attorney confidentiality as part of the discussion surrounding the Waverly Tavern. However more details about what’s going on with the Waverly Tavern will be posted soon as there is a protest of license renewal hearing for the Waverly Tavern scheduled for April 19, 2018 at 4:15 PM.

WIA Board April 2018 Board Meeting.