Come to our upcoming community meeting tonight!

The June 2018 Community Meeting is tonight!

The meeting will occur on Tuesday, June 5th from 6:30 PM until 8:00 PM at the Waverly Elementary/Middle School (use the East 34th Street entrance).

Come to our meeting to learn about what’s currently going on and meet fellow neighbors and the WIA Board.

There will be free food and drinks available at tonight’s meeting.

Items on the agenda include:

Questions regarding the Baltimore Police Department’s consent decree will be answered by a representative from the police department.

Dependent on whether or not the WIA has WiFi access, people who attend the meeting who aren’t registered to vote may have the opportunity to register to vote.

An update on the Venable building. The WIA Board has very recently learned that Midtown Academy wants to purchase the Venable building and we would like to discuss this with the community.

Membership fee has increased from $5 to $10, people will be able to pay $10 to become a WIA member.

Proposed new WIA Bylaws.

Our Bylaws hasn’t been fully reviewed and changed for five years (Bylaws are dated 2013). To review the current WIA Bylaws, click on on this link: WIA Bylaws_FINAL_4.2.13

A Board committee was formed to fully review and rewrite the Bylaws and it was agreed upon by the Board to release to the public the rewritten Bylaws in June 2018 for review and hope to have the membership vote on adopting the new Bylaws at the quarterly meeting after the June meeting.

To read the proposed changes to the Bylaws, click on this link: Proposed Changes to the WIA Bylaws to read the rewritten Bylaws, click on this link: Proposed WIA Bylaws

Tonight, June 5th – Community Meeting