The mission of the Waverly Improvement Association is to coordinate and bring together the people of Waverly to help build a clean, safe and drug free neighborhood by:

  • Improving the quality of life in the Waverly community and working cooperatively with other community based organizations on quality of life issues in the City of Baltimore.
  • Providing guidance and educational opportunities for children and youth, in order to offset juvenile delinquency.
  • Working with city agencies to prevent blight and decline.
  • Undertaking other projects, programs and activities as the needs presents themselves.

Review the Waverly Improvement Association bylaws (last revised March 2019):

The Waverly Standard

These are the standards of the Waverly Community. We hope that as good neighbors you will work to keep up the standard so that we can continue to have a clean, safe, drug free community.

Believing that my block, our neighborhood and this City should be a desirable place to live, work and raise a family; I understand that this is only possible through the cooperative ongoing efforts of law abiding, concerned residents working hand in hand with each other, our police department, and city agencies, and it is as it is our desire to be a responsible neighbor and to work toward that goal; therefore I agree I will:

  • Keep the street, sidewalk, and gutter in front of my house clean and free from trash and weeds,
  • Keep porch lights on at night,
  • Promptly repair any broken windows in my home,
  • Keep the exterior of my home clean and in good repair,
  • Keep my rear yard free from trash and litter,
  • Keep my grass (if any) cut as required by City law,
  • Promptly put out my trash in a trash can with a tight fitting lid, (Waverly’s trash days are on Tuesday, recycling days are on Thursday.)
  • Promptly remove any snow and ice from my sidewalk in front of my home,
  • Not abuse parking privileges nor abandon vehicles on the street,
  • Report suspicious people, circumstances, or vehicles to the police,
  • Report neighborhood problems to my block captain,
  • Attend meetings called by my block captain and work with my neighbors
  • Ensure that my children (if any) obey curfew laws and respect the privacy of others,
  • Obey all noise laws, (10:00 PM during the week and 11:00 PM on the weekend)
  • Participate in neighborhood clean-ups, and report violators of littering statutes,
  • Strive at all times to be a good and responsible neighbor!