BaltimoreLink Advocacy

This group wants to ensure that BaltimoreLink serves all the areas that the current bus system serves while achieving the larger goal of having an more efficient and reliable bus system. [READ MORE]

Community Land Trust

We intend to acquire, develop and steward affordable housing, community gardens, civic buildings, commercial spaces on behalf of the community.  [READ MORE]

Vacant and Problem Properties

This committee works to track, document, nudge and advocate for the resolution of vacant, abandoned, and problem properties in Waverly — to get them back into good use housing and great neighbors. [READ MORE]

Talkin’ Trash

Spring and Fall cleanups and other initiatives to help keep Waverly looking its best. [READ MORE]

Waverly Village Fair

Waverly, Better Waverly, Endor Gardens / Lakeside and others work together to create a local fun fair in August. [READ MORE]

Waverly Walkers

Twice-a-month walks through the neighborhood to meet and talk to your your neighbors, enjoy the green spaces Waverly has to offer, and brainstorm ways to keep Waverly clean and green. [READ MORE]

Welcome Baskets

We create modest welcome baskets and deliver them to new neighbors. [READ MORE]

Youth Center