Waverly is a beautiful place to live. Tree lined streets, brick and stone facades, and relaxing front porches. Waverly is also a heavily traveled area and with traffic inevitably comes solid waste. With 1100 households in our borders and two main thoroughfares (33rd Street and Greenmount Ave) we see a lot of loose trash along our streets and alleyways. The WIA is invested in working with the community to keep trash under control and our neighborhood looking fresh and polished.

What the board is doing
  1. Planning spring and fall cleanups
  2. Securing grants for our trash initiatives
  3. Providing supplies and tools for cleanups
  4. Selling recycle bins
  5. Selling rat bait packets
What you can do
  1. Always use a trash can with a lid
  2. Put trash out early Tuesday mornings before pickup
  3. Recycle more on Thursdays
  4. Organize your own block cleanup
  5. Keep your yard free of junk and pet waste
How the city can help

The Department Public Works definitely has their hands full here in Baltimore, but they do provide many resources via 311 Online or by simply calling 311, we just have to take the intiative to request the many special services they provide.

  1. You can request bulk pickups
  2. Report an illegal dumping
  3. Request an alley cleaning
  4. Request rat baiting through the Rat Rub Out program

Ultimately, if we want to see a trash- and rat-free Waverly, we all have to take on some personal responsibility. Picking up trash where we see it, responsibly disposing of our own trash, taking the initiative to request city services when needed, and participating in organized community cleanup efforts. All of these small daily efforts will lead to long term change here in our beautiful neighborhood of Waverly.