Waverly WalkersWaverly Walkers meets twice a month between May and October at predetermined locations in the Waverly area. Walkers meet promptly at the designated spot at 6pm and walk for at least an hour. Direction of travel and/or focus of the walk is determined by the participants on the day of the walk—but, generally, the walks are distinguished by two themes:

  • Green and Clean: Walkers will meet at designated “green” locations in Waverly. These areas are open spaces, some of which have community gardens, some have the potential to be multi-use open space for residents and visitors alike. Walkers will survey these spaces and discuss how to make use of them, promote them to the local and wider community, and talk about preserving and maintaining green space in Waverly as part of healthy neighborhood initiatives and environmental stewardship. As Walkers set out, areas of concern will be noted, such as litter, rat burrows, clogged storm drains, and other unsanitary conditions. A member of the Waverly Improvement Association will be on hand to help guide the process for addressing these issues.
  • Meet Your Neighbors: Walkers will meet at the Waverly Elementary School on Ellerslie, where they will first bear witness to the building of a new school and discuss ways to promote the school to Waverly and surrounding communities. Walkers will set out on a leisurely stroll and be open and welcome to random encounters with neighbors and other passers-by, introducing each other, getting to know each other, and also discussing the issues that most concern the residents. A member of the Waverly Improvement Association will be on hand to discuss ways residents can be involved, what resources are available to them, and invite residents to be a part of the Association.